Tarot Celtic Cross
Your Celtic Cross reading for today
September 30, 2014

Recent Past



The Outcome

Crossing Card

Hopes and Desires

The Significator

External Forces

Foundation Card

Emotions Card

The Significator: You and your current state of being.
This card represents the power of your charactor, spiritual power defeating material desires and love over hate.
Crossing Card: That which opposes or influences you.
The Emperor
The qualities of The Emperor include the ability to lead and wield power. He is paternal and mentally quick as well.
Foundation Card: Addresses the origin of your question.
Page of Cups
New business opportunities arise. An overactive imagination.
Recent Past: Represents past events and concerns.
The Lovers
The drawing of two forces together, choices, temptations. The fight between the sacred and the secular. Accord of the inner and worldly self.
Crown: Issues significant in the present or future
Page of Pentacles
Introversion. A healthy admiration for new ideas and scholarly pursuits. Reflective. Good management and organizational skills. A bearer of good tidings.
Future: Depicts that which lies ahead.
Eight of Pentacles
A time to learn the ways of an occupation. A viable venture may be beginning. Handling worldly affairs skillfully.
Emotions Card: Current state of your emotional self
The Moon
This card represents serendipity, creativity and the coming to life of psychic powers. It may also signify dangers yet seen, deception and bad luck for someone dear to you.
External Forces: Influence of others in your life.
Three of Pentacles
Material fortunes grow. Crafts or arts are mastered.
Hopes and Desires: Anticipating the outcome of your question.
Two of Cups
The harmonious blending of the male and female self. All aspects of your life are in balance.
The Outcome: Remember the future is not predetermined.
The Fool
This card represents the dreamer in you, the idealist, the mystic. The Fool desires to do great things. He must always be very careful of the choices he makes, and remember knowledge is his ally.

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